First Steps in to create a online business

To first start of with this new blog on how i create a online business i wanted to talk about my past expierences i had with the online business field.

As a self-employed i know how highly your sucess depends on commercial especially how to promote myself, so i thought i look on the internet how i can promote my business to get new contract an perhaps grow the business to get employees or other things. But the i quickly noticed that the online marketing fiel is one of a kind where you have to learn a ton to get sucessfull.

After i noticed that i then thought it may be an opportunity to get in the field myself. So i went on and look for training courses to go after and i found a ton of it , but to figure out which one is really the best i had to search on the internet and there where no real answer to this question. The only asnwers i got were really confusing because one group said it is really good and worth the price i have to pay for it and others said the programm is scam or even worse things about it.

The conclusion was that i will look on YouTube for the topic there i found thousands of Videos explaining how to start, but the feeling i got everytime it was only a promoting video to get the real knowledge you need you again had again to buy their or others programms. I found on this way programms which costs at start only 1$to 10$ but to really get of the ground i should spend well over a hundred dollars or even over thousand dollars. So i said i will figure it out how it works by searching tons of information build it together and get the consense of it, so i could figure out my own way of starting a online business or mutiple online businesses.

I wanted the internet to know how it feels as a beginner and how this journey is going on so i will publish every now an then a new post to keep you updated.

See you soon on the next Post.

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