How I manage to include new things in my routine

When including new things in your routine it is not the hard part to do it once or for a week but to make it really a new routine a do it every single day. For me it’s hard to get something going for a long time. Mostly I quit something because it doesn’t fit in the moment, I’m in, but to get the new routine going you have to do it every day for at least one month so it becomes your new normal.

One thing I learned the hard way was when I wanted to much to change at one moment I am overwhelmed or just don’t had enough focus to get everything everyday going so mostly not the one thing I couldn’t focus on felt down it all fell down. This happened all the time to me when I thought I should change something in my life. I wanted to change my work ethic, to start workout and to start meditating at the same time which will not work, because you only have enough focus for one thing to change at the moment.

In my experience when you focus on one thing at the time with the support of a calender notification on your phone you will have your new routine going in less than one month so you could change 3 things about yourself in I would say 1 and a half month. Bit when you need to change now and get going everything at once work with reminders, motivational quotes or just pure discipline.

I started to change my life around Christmas 2019 and I’m now in a routine and way of thinking which drives me forward not keeps me in the moment I am the point where I wanted to change.

A last example of a way to keep you going is to write it down. Something like I do or find a other way to keep track of what you reached, so you can remind yourself in bad moments what you already reached and can go forward all the time.

Have a wonderful productive day.

See you next time.

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